Applied in Minutes with Instant Results 

With HaloSmile's instant, quick-to-use formula, you'll be on your way to a whiter looking smile in just minutes. The application process can be a bit of a learning curve - like we said, it's an ALL NEW way to whiten - but you can compare the technique to how you would paint your nails. So just like learning to ride a bike, the more you practice, the better and quicker you'll be. 

Practice Makes Perfect
We know you're excited to show off that smile, but we recommend a couple practice applications before taking HaloSmile out for a night on the town. Now remember, you weren't a master at winged eyeliner the first time- so you probably aren't going to be a master at HaloSmile right off the bat either. Like everything in life, with a bit of practice, you'll start to understand what application techniques work best for you and your smile. By committing to practice, following the tips provided and watching videos full through, you'll be applying like a pro before you know it. 
Less is More
With HaloSmile, a little product goes a long way. Too much product will result in unnatural and uneven results. For the most natural results, stick with less is more. Each kit comes with a "How-to-Dip" card that shows you the proper techniques. 

Ready for your brightest smile to date? Click here to view full instructions and tips and tricks.